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5 Ways To Start Your Day Ensuring Productivity and Success!!

Updated: May 22, 2019

There’s always so much to take care of in the morning. I used to always leave stressed out and with a "To Do List" a mile long!! I am trying to be more mindful of my actions! I've made some changes! It's proving to be very rewarding for my mind and my body! I wanted to share this with all of you!

The best way to start your day is with intention. To have some “Me” time.

Take 20 minutes for yourself and start your day in a very grounded and purposeful way. This sets a tone to your day. Make yourself a priority and do it for YOU! You ask yourself, " How?"!


Find a quiet place in your home. Try and use the same place every day so that your mind gets used to that routine. Ensure that you are alone or that you won't be interrupted for those 20 minutes. Find a corner in your home where you can have some quiet ”Me Time”…And if you have children, it might even mean to go in the closet or the bathroom!! I am kidding, of course! 😊

*Tricks: Wake up 20 minutes earlier than everyone else. Try to go to bed 20 minutes earlier the night before so you can wake up earlier than usual.

*If you have children, wait until they’re napping, off to Daycare/Preschool/School or busy doing an activity.

NB-Ideally, the 5 Steps get done at home. That is the most relaxing way to go about a razor focused day. If you couldn't get it all in. No worries. Just split it up. You can do some at home and some parts in your car on your way to work or wherever you need to go (ie-Deep Breathing). You can even do some of those things upon arrival at work if need be.

Do these 5 Steps in any Order!! Ready to Start?!! Just Do it!:)

Tip #1- Make your bed! Now, I know this sounds silly for some of you. Making your bed in the morning can improve your life. It creates a sense of accomplishment right from the start of your day! Some say that disorganization can lead to chaos and a scattered mind. Your neat and organized bed can help you transform your mind with calm. After, accomplishing that first task, it often easily leads to many more productive outcomes and sets the tone for your day! And most of all, nothing feels better then hopping into a well made bed at the end your long day! Win-Win!

Tip #2- Try Reading 1 Daily Positive Affirmation every morning before you start your day. "What is a Positive Affirmation, you ask?" Affirmations are short, powerful statements that encourage you to remain focused and achieve a certain goal that day.

For Example: I am a doer, I will take action and get things accomplished today! You can invent your own positive affirmations, buy a book full of them or even google it online.

Write this particular Positive Affirmation on several Sticky Notes and put them in multiple areas where you can see them throughout the day. For example: Dash Board in your car, bathroom mirror, computer screen at home/work, on top of your wallet and so forth. Reading this repetitively throughout your day, will continuously remind you of your Goal and keep you accountable!

Tip #3- "To Do List"- Write down a List of 5 Important Things that you have to do TODAY in order of priority. Number 1 should be that thing that you MUST do. Do not add things on there that can be done next week. Of course, sometimes we get things done as we’re doing other things because it was convenient! Go for it! Anything else that you get done today will be a Bonus! The "To Do List" should be to help you get focused and clear on what’s ahead for you TODAY!! Of course we do way more than 5 Things every day! Choose your TOP 5 IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO TODAY!:)

*Trick- You can keep the List in your phone, on your computer or on a piece of paper. You can cross each accomplished item out as you go.

Note: You can remove any items if you realize that they they are no longer that important. Now, don't replace that one. Just keep it at 4! Once those are completed, then you can add more. The purpose is to accomplish those items and to feel very successful each day!

Tip #4- Sit down OR lie down and do some Deep Breathing Exercises. This should take 8-10 minutes.

·Place one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest.

·Take a deep breath through your nose. Imagine your lungs filling up with air. Your hand on your stomach should be going in. You are inhaling.

· Hold your breath for 4-5 seconds.

·Breathe out through your lips. You are exhaling.

*You can do this Deep Breathing Exercise 3 to 8 times.

Doing Deep Breathing exercises sends a message to your brain to be calm and to relax. This a great zone to be in when you start your day!

Tip #5- Eat a Healthy Breakfast- It is said that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Healthy eating habits begin with eating a healthy breakfast! Doing this has great health benefits for everyone and is a great way to start off your day. Everybody’s health needs are different. Ask your doctor about healthy eating if you're not sure. If your doctor feels that you could use some support around healthy food choices, then they may refer you to a nutritionist. Some people have dietary restrictions and/or food allergies and must follow a specific diet to ensure that they get all the vitamins and nutrients that their body needs.

I will simply provide General Information. It is said that a basic healthy formula for breakfast is to pair Carbs and Proteins. The Carbohydrates give your body energy to get started with your day .It also gives your brain some power to get through the day.

Protein helps you wake up. It is said that combining Carbs and Protein for breakfast can help you stay full until the next meal.

Some ideas can be: Whole grain cereal or bread for Carbohydrates. Vegetables or Fruit & Low fat Milk or Yogurt for Proteins. Nuts and Legumes are great Proteins too.(Ensure that there are no Nut allergies in your family). Be creative! We all start our day wishing for it to go well. The choices we make at the beginning of the day impact the outcomes that we have.

At times, we will not be able to take 20 minutes in the morning to do the 5 things that I listed above. Maybe you woke up late today and only got a chance to do 1-Eat a Healthy Breakfast. That’s OK. These things happen. You just go on with your day. Be happy that you ate that healthy breakfast! That was all you could accomplish today. Tomorrow is another day. You don’t have to be hard on yourself. The idea is to build up to the 5 things! Incorporating these 5 small changes will make your morning flow more smoothly! Celebrate the wins and all of the accomplishments in life! Be proud of everything that you have accomplished! Self-Care is vital. You are worth the effort and so is your family! Health and Wellness is key to everyone’s mental health.

Cheers to a successful and productive day to everyone!

Caroline Bougie is an Empowerment Life Coach @ Inspiration 2 Intention Life Coaching

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