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What's best for you?  Option 1  or   Option  2

Option 1 

Finding My Way

Work with me for 12 Weeks, in 1 of my Signature Programs.

(There’s 1 Signature Program for each area that I concentrate on.)

A)  *Personal Growth & Happiness - Your are worth it!

  • Self Esteem Building Program.

B)  *Momtrapreneur/Entrepreneur -

       Am I a Mom Boss?  Discover or build up passion.

  • Great Tips and Resources.

C)  *Health & Wellness - S T R E S S E D    O U T?

  • Finding a Balance in your Life.

D)  *Parenting - Transitions  & Change for  your Child. 

  • Finding Solutions to a Smoother & Happier Experience.

NOTE: After completing a 12 week Signature Program or 12 Weeks of Coaching, a Client may want to continue and work on more specific goals, whereby they can sign on an additional 1 Month(30 Days). The client can renew and add on 30 days as needed.

***Everybody’s needs are different. The pace of your progress is up to you, however you will start to see and feel some changes and shifts after a few sessions .

Note: Signature Programs may change.

Option 2  

Discovering Myself

Work with me for 12 Weeks receiving Empowerment Life Coaching-

You can work with me in any of the 4 Areas but don’t have to commit to any 1 specific area.

Clients who choose Option 2 will come to me looking for Empowerment Life Coaching but are unsure where to begin or where they are “stuck” and the 12 weeks will be used to explore and build an Action Plan to move forward!


NOTE: After completing a 12 week Signature Program or 12 Weeks of Coaching, a Client may want to continue and work on more specific goals, whereby they can sign on an additional 1 Month(30 Days). The client can renew and add on 30 days as needed.

***Everybody’s needs are different. The pace of your progress is up to you, however you will start to see and feel some changes and shifts after a few sessions .


Support That Makes a Difference

Personal Growth & Happiness

Personal Growth & Happiness

Do you feel that you have lost your CORE SELF? Maybe you have lost your way or no longer feel that you have a Clear Purpose?

Whether you’ve immersed yourself in your life by delving into being a MOMMY, a CAREER WOMAN, being in a RELATIONSHIP, ETC…

YOU FEEL STUCK. You have buried your true passions and interests and are not living out your true potential. You are not living your best life.

Did you used to love to draw, paint, sing, dance, take photography classes or another type of class, go to the gym, see your friends more or just take time for yourself?

Instead, you have focused on all of your duties, responsibilities and things that have to get done. You are not taking the time to process all of the joyful moments that you are living. You are going through the motions and are not feeling fulfilled. You’ve hit a brick wall.


*I will help you realize your strengths and challenges and provide you with strategies towards more self-love and self-care.

*We’ll build up your confidence to move forward by setting clear goals to achieve the life that you really want to live! You will find TRUE HAPPINESS!

*We will break through those limiting thoughts and beliefs cultivating a more Positive Mindset.

*We will work through those emotional barriers that are stopping you from growing and evolving into your BEST SELF!!!

By setting Goals and developing an Action Plan you will be propelled to achieving everything that you always dreamt of!


Some of the areas that we could explore are:

  • Learn strategies to build up your Self-Esteem

  • Learn strategies to increase Motivation and Willpower

  • Becoming more Proactive

  • Learn strategies to build up your Active Listening Skills

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Learning to say “No”-Setting Limits


Do you have a talent or an interest that you are developing or want to develop which can be launched into a business? Are you a future MOMTRAPRENEUR or ENTREPRENEUR?


Having started and run 5 Successful Businesses, I am very supportive of women who thrive!

  • Do you want to discover if you want to build your own side hustle or Full Time Business?

  • Have you always dreamt of starting something and you don’t know where to begin?

I am not a Business Coach nor an Accountant. But, I certainly have a lot of experience, creativity and contacts to help you discover if that’s the route you’d like to explore. I can provide support, accountability, direct you towards some appropriate resources and creative guidance and ideas.

 I am dedicated to help you explore your interests and zest for your niche and help you see if being a small business owner is for you. I am here to empower and educate you on some resources that could help you uncover what pathway is your own.

Perhaps, you want to combine independence, family and/or your relationship and fulfilling a life long dream!

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. But, if you suspect that it’s for you and you want to explore it…

It could change your life or even set you on a completely different life journey! You’ll never know if you do not try!!




I am a parent, an Empowerment Life Coach, Early Childhood Educator and Special Care Counsellor.

I am also a sister, a daughter, sister in law, friend and so much more. But first, and foremost, I am a MOTHER. Being a parent of 2 teenagers and having worked in the Educational Field and Helping Profession for over 20 years, I have been blessed to work with so many families. And most recently, as the Owner/Director and Head Educator of a Private Preschool, I know how little support some parents have in today’s society.

I want to help support mothers and parents by using my extensive knowledge, expertise and experience because I’ve been there and know how to navigate the difficult world of parenting. Parenting can be very hard work but there is a lot of joy in it!


So, let me help you learn strategies and skills that you can use to be the best parent you can be!


Relying on your core values while at the same time learning effective methods of parenting so you can learn to love and experience the pure pleasure of a being a parent, is what it’s all about!

I’d also like to extend a hand and provide support to you to help you find ways to cope with the overwhelming feelings and stress that could accompany being a parent.

Some topics that I cover are:

  • Learning Strategies/Tools to ensure that you don’t burn out

  • Discover ways for you and your family to feel supported in your community-resources, etc..

  • Learn to build a stronger relationship with your child through connection

  • Work on Conflicting Parenting Styles

  • Sleep Deprivation/Exhaustion

  • Time Management

  • Learn to be a positive role model for your child

  • Learn some Strategies to guide and support you if your child has learning disabilities

  • Learn some Strategies to guide and support you during homework time

  • Consistency in routines

  • Extracurricular Activities- How much is too much?


Get a clear vision of your Parenting Self in order to bring out the best in your child!

Parent support can direct you towards a happier, calmer and more peaceful homelife for your whole family! Invest in your family’s well being to ensure that every member of your family can thrive and be their best selves!


NOTE: I work strictly with the parents. I can work with both parents or with the mother or father alone. I may be able to refer you to other services for your child/children if need be.


Health and Wellness 

Health and Wellness

Do you feel that your life is not balanced?


Perhaps, you already know what domain in your life is not balanced and you wish to work on that area to ensure an equilibrium in all aspects of your life! You are yearning for a stable and steady lifestyle.

Perhaps, you are really stressed out and are unsure the reasons for this. We can look at all areas of your life to help you identify and determine how to find a more balanced life.








If you need inspiration and an Accountability Partner to encourage you to move towards a Happier & Healthier Life. I can help you! You can make a positive and lasting change in your life!


I can provide you with support and guidance so you can make healthier lifestyle choices and start living a more balanced life!

Some of the areas that we could explore are:

  • Stress Management

  • Prioritizing Self Care

  • Building a more Positive Mindset

  • Balancing Wellness and Busy Schedules


We can work together to create an Action Plan that will hold you accountable, keep you motivated, uncover sabotaging thought patterns and set realistic and balanced goals.

Through a Holistic Approach, I will focus on the whole person and how you can flourish mentally, physically and spiritually!